Famous Czech Actors

The Czech Republic is not only a beautiful country but a place where many talented actors were born. In plus, the country has been over time and still is today one of the most popular filming locations in the world. However, we are not going to discuss about movies in this article, but about the most famous Czech actors.

Vlasta Burian
Vlasta Burian is considered to be one of the most famous Czech comedians aas well as actors, starring various films from 1909-1956. His roles are without a doubt memorable and the truth is that he gave them that unique edge. The actor had a quite unique style of acting with gestures and facial expressions that made him the best. In plus, due to the fact that he had a squeaky voice and bulging eyes, his roles were highly accentuated. Vlasta Burial played in movies such as Baron Prasil, Anton Spelec, Hrdinny kapitan Korkoran, and many other. Contrary to how he was an actor, Burian has actually been branded as a very difficult and tough man, and he was even acused of Nazi collaboration during World War II. However, he will always hold a very special place in Czechoslovak cinematic history.

Oldrich Novy
This Czech actor was considered over time the epitome of gentility and elegance. Oldrich Novy’s elegant posture and overall presentation in the movies he played, gained him a high respect as well asn exceptional female following. He was even compared to Frank Sinatra. Oldrich Novy is considered to be one of the finest actors from old school Czech cinema. Even though he played in lots of films during his career, Novy is best known for his roles in Valentin Dobrotivy, Kristian, and Hotel Modra hvezda. Unfortunately, he drifted away from the public eye. He avoided all the publicity and attention, which he actually started to despise. There is no doubt that fame often comes with recognition, but on the other hand it takes away so many other important things. If one of the Czech actors coul de called a true gentleman, then it would certainly have to be Oldrich Novy.

Jan Werich
We also want to add to our short list Jan Weich, another famous Czech actor. He was born in 1905 and remained beloved until these days, not only by many Czechs but by people from other corners of the world as well. During his career, Werich had various roles in movies and plays. Full of satire, humor, as well as humanity, the actor was and still is very important to the Czech Republic. Many people will remember him through his collaborations with Jaroslav Jezek, a famous composer, and Jiri Voskovec. Some of his best movies are Cisaruv pekar, Byl Jednou jeden kral, and Pekaruv cisar. His later works include many unforgettable features such as Baron Prasil and the Pan Tau series. Jan Werich was an actor that radiated joy and intelligence at all times. Movie director and other actors often said that it was a real pleasure to work with him. He was not only highly professional but extremely friendly and kind as well.

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