Great Movies that Feature Prague

Prague’s lovely streets and historical monuments have made it an excellent location for filming various movies. Director all over the world have chosen this place and in case you haven’t noticed so far what films were shot here, we will show you in the following several movies that feature the amazing Prague.

Mission Impossible
You have certainly seen Mission Impossible, but did you know that t was shot in Prague? Well, the movie was actually filmed in lots of locations not only in Prague. These locations include Scotland and London as well besides the Czech capital. The National Museum from Prague doubled as an embassy in the opening scene, whereas other shots were filmed in Wenceslas Square and Kampa Island. Mission Impossible features one of the most recognizable locations in the Czech capital, Charles Bridge.

Casino Royale
Casino Royale is another famous movie that was shot in Prague. The chase scene was partially filmed in this city’s international airport, Ruzyne. Another scene was shot in the famous Strahov Monastery, that actually stands in for the British House of Commons. Perhaps the most amazing scene filmed here was the one in which Bond walks down the stairs in the Venetian hotel that was actually a spot inside Prague’s National Museum. Now that you know these details you should watch the movie again in order to enjoy all these lovely scenes shot in Prague.

The Illusionist
The Illusionist is an absolutely fantastic movie where you can see all the amazing locations that Prague has to offer. However, Prague Castle features prominently in the movie, and so it does the Divadlo na Vinohradech, an amazing theater located right in the heart of the city. In addition, The Illusionist uses the town of Tabor and other stunning locations in the fairytale village called Cesky Krumlov in order to showcase a mix of the wonderful Czech scenery.

Amadeus is without a doubt one of the most acclaimed movies filmed in this metropolitan city. The film is about the life of Mozart and uses the capital as a replacement for 18th century Vienna. The most popular sets used are the Estates Theatre and the Old Town Square, where all the performances of Mozart are shot. Amadeus starts lots of opulent palaces as well as stunning buildings around Prague, from the famous Kromeriz Palace and its spectacular gardens to Maltese Square. If you haven’t watched the movie so far, then we strongly recommend you to do it and pay attention to all these beautiful locations. Who knows, maybe after watching Amadeus you will book your vacation in the Czech capital.

Filming a movie is certainly a quite difficult and long process, but with hard work, commitment, and the right locations, the result will be as expected. All the above films are famous and all of them were shot in Prague. The directors have chosen this city due to the fact that it is quite historical and it has a unique charm that other cities don’t have. And after you watch the movies you will see that they have made an excellent choice.

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