Popular Movie Theaters in Prague

Are you in Prague at the moment or you plan to visit the city in the near future? If so, then we highly recommend you to make some time and go to the cinema. Not only you will have the chance to choose between blockbusters and classics, but you will also be impressed by the modern and vibrant locations that feature huge screens and the latest technology in terms of sound. Here are the most popular movie theaters in Prague.

This movie theater is actually the oldest in entire Europe. It has celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2009, and what we like about it is the gorgeous interior with the stunning elements of Art Nouveau as well as neo-Renaissance movements. The cinema is located in the Lucerna Passage and it is highly recommended especially for couples at it has a quite romantic atmosphere. In plus, Lucerna is also the premier theater for central Europe as well as Czech films and the right place for avant-garden film festivals. The wonderful advantage of this place is that it provides regular matinees with the possibility of excellent discounts for seniors. All in all, Lucerna is the perfect location to watch a good film with your partner.

Bio Oko This art house called Bio Oko is also extremely popular in Prague. The entire place has been renovated a few years ago but it still retains a retro cool that many of the cinemas today lack. At Bio Oko you can watch both new and old movies. Furthermore, if you love documentaries, then this is again the right place to go. Another advantage of this movie theater is that it has very low ticket prices, a lot lower than the multiplex cinemas. As an extra-added bonus, Bio oko has a hip bar where you can just relax and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Since this place is very quiet and private you can hire an escort and take her with you to this cinema to watch a movie. Remember that escorts are very popular in Prague, and many single men who visit the city require their services. You should do the same in order to have great company during your stay.

Kino Svetozor Kino Svetozor is one of the most amazing independent movie theaters in Prague and it is situated right in the middle of the city. It provides an art house atmosphere with ultra comfortable seats, affordable tickets, and a bar with free WiFi. If you are visiting Prague and you want to watch a cool movie, then this is the right place to go. Sometimes, this cinema also provides lesser-known independent movies from every corner of the world, beloved classics, and Czech movies with English subtitles. The amazing movie schedule and the lovely atmosphere make this cinema a highly appreciated one by locals and tourists alike. Therefore, if we have already convinced you then don’t hesitate and go for it. Kino Svetozor has without a doubt everything a cinema must have so that its visitors can have a great time.

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