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Gallery Update!

I just added new photos from 17th December’s event: Oakley Presents “Learn to Ride” with the Audi Sportscar Experience fueled by Muscle Milk at Infineon Raceway on December 17, 2009 in Sonoma, California.

Image00001.jpg Image00014.jpg Image00003.jpg Image00015.jpg

Important: an unknown problem at the gallery is making the thumbails have really weird colors, so I recommend you use “FullSize” to view the photos with the original colors :)

Gallery Link: Home > Events > 2009 > Oakley Presents “Learn to Ride” – 17th December

Gallery Update – Photoshoots

I just added to the gallery some photoshoots that were missing with Emmy Rossum!

pho01.jpg pho02.jpg 001.jpg 008.jpg

Old candids

Thanks to Jhonatta ( for these!

justin-chatwin-lax-04.jpg justin-chatwin-lax-02.jpgjustin-chatwin-lax-05.jpgjustin-chatwin-lax-06.jpg

Home > Candids > LAX Aeroport – Early 2009

Gallery Updates

I’m like… wow! I just added some new photos of the Dragon Ball Evolution in Japan to the gallery! Justin looks so good!

new06.jpg new25.jpg new31.jpg new14.jpg

> Events > 2009 > Dragonball Evolution Premiere @ Japan

Gallery Updated

I added some missing photos to the gallery. Hopefully today I’ll add a new layout and more screencaps!

01~0.jpg 02.jpg 0012.jpg 0013.jpg

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