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Hello everyone! I’m super excited about the new layout for this website (which will be online next Saturday) along with screencaps and more photos.

Plus, the birthday project is looking amazing! I want to thank everyone who se

nt their birthday wishes and artwork

! I’ll post photos of it soon!

And once again, Justin Chatwin doesn’t have a twitter!! Accounts like @MrJustinChatwin @Justin_Chatwin and @JustinChatwin_ are the same poser!

This is it for now. Sadly there aren’t new Justin news or photos :(

Gallery Update – Photoshoots
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I just added to the gallery some photoshoots that were missing with Emmy Rossum!

pho01.jpg pho02.jpg 001.jpg 008.jpg

Birthday Project!
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Hey everyone!

As you know, Justin’s birthday will be on 31st October and I decided to create a Birthday Project. With this I’ll create a video with all your messages (to be placed on You Tube) and create a small book with all your messages and send him!

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Slow Updated
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Hello everyone, this is Ana Rodrigues, the webmiss of this website… I recently got a new job which takes most of my free-time and that’s the reason why I haven’t been updating or replying to emails…
I’m so sorry about that, but

still, you can reach me on my Twitter which is now attached to my mobile phone so you can speak to me anytime of the day

In the mean-time I strongly recommend you follow Team Chatwin which provides awsome links and news related to Justin Chatwin!

I have surprises for you soon!!

You webmiss,
Ana Rodrigues

Old candids
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Thanks to Jhonatta (jhon_canadian@hotmail.com) for these!

justin-chatwin-lax-04.jpg justin-chatwin-lax-02.jpgjustin-chatwin-lax-05.jpgjustin-chatwin-lax-06.jpg

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