Gallery Update!
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I just added new photos from 17th December’s event: Oakley Presents “Learn to Ride” with the Audi Sportscar Experience fueled by Muscle Milk at Infineon Raceway on December 17, 2009 in Sonoma, California.

Image00001.jpg Image00014.jpg Image00003.jpg Image00015.jpg

Important: an unknown problem at the gallery is making the thumbails have really weird colors, so I recommend you use “FullSize” to view the photos with the original colors :)

Gallery Link: Home > Events > 2009 > Oakley Presents “Learn to Ride” – 17th December


  Justin is “Shameless”
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Emmy Rossum is set as the lead opposite William H. Macy in “Shameless,” John Wells’ drama pilot for Showtime.

Additionally, Allison Janney has signed on for a key recurring role, reuniting with her “West Wing” executive producer Wel

ls. And Justin Chatwin has been cast in the pilot from Warner Bros. TV/John Wells Prods.

Based on the long-running British series by top U.K. TV writer Paul Abbott, “Shameless” revolves around the Gallaghers, a working-class Chicago clan dealing with the recession. The mother is AWOL, and the alcoholic patriarch (Macy) usually ends up passed out on the living room floor, so their smart but unpredictable 18-year-old daughter Fiona (Rossum) is tasked with keeping her five younger brothers and sisters on the straight and narrow.

Janney plays a pivotal character that will become a love interest for Macy.

Chatwin will play Steve, a car thief who falls in love with Fiona.

Source: Hollywood Reporter and IMDB


  Justin Chatwin NOT in Marvel’s Thor
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Co-star of Marvel’s Thor, Jaimie Alexander debunks the rumor that Justin Chatwin will play Balder in the film.
There was an article here on CBM posted by a user, who’ll remain nameless, that “Dragonball” star, Justin Chatwin will port

ray Balder in Marvel’s “Thor.” We should have known better, because there wasn’t a source attached. Well now one of the co-stars of the film, Jaimie Alexander, has posted a tweet shooting the rumor down.

“Justin Chatwin isn’t going to be in THOR. Just clearing up another rumor. Sleep well out there xoxoxox”

Source: ComicBookMovie


  Happy Birthday Justin!
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by admin | on Oct 25 2009 | Category: Website

Hello everyone! I’m super excited about the new layout for this website (which will be online next Saturday) along with screencaps and more photos.

Plus, the birthday project is looking amazing! I want to thank everyone who se

nt their birthday wishes and artwork

! I’ll post photos of it soon!

And once again, Justin Chatwin doesn’t have a twitter!! Accounts like @MrJustinChatwin @Justin_Chatwin and @JustinChatwin_ are the same poser!

This is it for now. Sadly there aren’t new Justin news or photos :(


  Gallery Update – Photoshoots
by admin | on Sep 25 2009 | Category: Gallery

I just added to the gallery some photoshoots that were missing with Emmy Rossum!

pho01.jpg pho02.jpg 001.jpg 008.jpg


  Birthday Project!
by admin | on Sep 20 2009 | Category: Website

Hey everyone!

As you know, Justin’s birthday will be on 31st October and I decided to create a Birthday Project. With this I’ll create a video with all your messages (to be placed on You Tube) and create a small book with all your messages and send him!



  Slow Updated
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Hello everyone, this is Ana Rodrigues, the webmiss of this website… I recently got a new job which takes most of my free-time and that’s the reason why I haven’t been updating or replying to emails…
I’m so sorry about that, but

still, you can reach me on my Twitter which is now attached to my mobile phone so you can speak to me anytime of the day

In the mean-time I strongly recommend you follow Team Chatwin which provides awsome links and news related to Justin Chatwin!

I have surprises for you soon!!

You webmiss,
Ana Rodrigues


  Old candids
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Thanks to Jhonatta (jhon_canadian@hotmail.com) for these!

justin-chatwin-lax-04.jpg justin-chatwin-lax-02.jpgjustin-chatwin-lax-05.jpgjustin-chatwin-lax-06.jpg

Home > Candids > LAX Aeroport – Early 2009


  Gallery Updates
by admin | on Aug 16 2009 | Category: Gallery

I’m like… wow! I just added some new photos of the Dragon Ball Evolution in Japan to the gallery! Justin looks so good!

new06.jpg new25.jpg new31.jpg new14.jpg

> Events > 2009 > Dragonball Evolution Premiere @ Japan


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