Team Chatwin!
by admin | on Aug 04 2009 | Category: News and Rumors

Once again: Justin Chatwin doesn’t have a twitter account BUT you can join the Fans on this recent page that is especially to TEAM CHATWIN! This page was created by Jeff and its supported by Elaine and Collette :)

Make sure you follow Team Chatwin and don’t believe in posers!

If Justin ever creates a Twitter account you will be the first to know!


  Gallery Updated
by admin | on Jul 25 2009 | Category: Gallery Updates

I added some missing photos to the gallery. Hopefully today I’ll add a new layout and more screencaps!

01~0.jpg 02.jpg 0012.jpg 0013.jpg

+ Dragonball Evolution South Korea Press Conference
+ Velvet Margarita’s 5th Anniversary Party and Cinco de Mayo Celebration – 5 May
+ T-Mobile Debuts The New T-Mobile G1 – 17th October 2008


  Justin doesn’t have a twitter
by admin | on Jul 17 2009 | Category: News and Rumors

Recently, a fake posed as Justin on Twitter and Myspace. We are now 100% sure that its a poser thank you to the dear Colby James, who even was so sweet to post exclusive photos of Justin and his family.

Remember: Justin doesn’t have a Twitter and MySpace. Do not believe in posers.

Please report any posers if you find them!


  New layout coming soon
by admin | on Jul 14 2009 | Category: Website

This is Ana, the admin, this is my last week of school so I’m very busy and only after next Friday I’ll be adding a new layout (this is a temporary version) and adding more content!

I made over 500 avatars of Justin (I spent a whole afternoon doing this and I’ll be adding those asap).

I want to thank all the fans who joined the forum and sent me nice comments :)

Plus I’m screencapping “Middle of Nowhere”… so I’ve been working hard :)


  Board is Back!
by admin | on Jul 12 2009 | Category: Website

Hey everyone! As announced on my Twitter and via the newsletter our board is back!

Please spread the word about it and start posting :D



  Dragon Ball Evolution Screencaps
by admin | on Jul 11 2009 | Category: Gallery Updates

Today I revamped the gallery and the forum and added over 800 screencaps of Dragon Ball Evolution! Make you sure
you check it out!

db_evolution_0051.jpg db_evolution_1810.jpg db_evolution_0786.jpg db_evolution_0558.jpg

Movies; Dragon Ball; Screencaps x800

Screencaps of Dragon Ball


  Justin Chatwin new Interview
by admin | on Jun 03 2009 | Category: Media

Hiiii people. Here Juliet again. But… i have news (yes, i can’t believe). I find in youtube a interview about Dragon Ball. They are four videos where Justin speak and speak. If someone could translate them, there would be been grateful she. Coment: He look sooo god . Enjoy ;)

Life after film Part 1
Life after film Part 2

Life after film Part 3


  Gallery Comments Disabled
by admin | on Apr 22 2009 | Category: Website

Due to extreme spam attacks on the Gallery site, the ability to comment on photos has been disabled until further notice.

We have disabled the login procedure so you don’t need an account to view the photos but you can no longer comment.<



  New Photos in Gallery
by admin | on Apr 17 2009 | Category: Gallery Updates

Here Juliet

They have added new photos to the gallery

In the folder ‘Fans photos‘ will be able to find fans’ photos when he recorded Dragoon Ball Evolution in Durango. Thanks to Mabel and ZaaiRaquel. Enjoy (:


  Behind the scenes Dragon Ball Evolution.
by admin | on Apr 09 2009 | Category: Media
Migo’s back and have some videos :D
Thanks to MovieWeb.com We have some new videos behind the scenes of Dragon Ball Evolution. Including obviously Justin Chatwin’ scenes.
You can check them on the next links:
Part3Enjoy them!


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