Funny Video
by admin | on Apr 09 2009 | Category: Media

Hi, everyone again. Here Juliet.
To feast my arrival, a small enterteining video of the cast of Dragoon Ball Evolution dancing the ‘Mafuba Dance’. Enjoy 😉

Click here
Thanks: Deadlock04


  New Fan Art Section
by admin | on Apr 08 2009 | Category: Website

I just launched a FanArt Archive! We have few graphics for now, but it will get bigger if we all work on it!


  Justin Chatwin:’Dragonball: Evolution’ Is All About The Hair
by admin | on Apr 06 2009 | Category: News and Rumors,Projects

In Dragonball: Evolution, Justin Chatwin becomes the live action incarnate of the anime character Goku. As protector of the dragonballs, Goku uses martial arts to fight off bad guys. Chatwin trained and learned the moves and choreography. All that really mattered was getting the hair right.

“That was one of the first questions that I asked,” Chatwin said. “What are we going to do with the hair? All these animes have crazy hair and I was like, am I going to be wearing a wig. Oh my God, this is going to be wacky. This is going to either be really interesting because it’s the first anime film or this is going to be the last film I ever do, like orange Ninja suit and two-foot hair.”

The film shows the beginning of Goku’s quest to find and protect the dragonballs. His hair evolves to the point that fans will recognize him as the anime character. “I think my hair has an arc of its own in this movie because I was such a freak every day. I’d say okay, this is the high school look. Okay, this is the post-Goku look. This is the journey look. I kept on changing it because I honestly don’t know if I ever got to a place where I was like this is Goku from the Manga. I felt a big responsibility to the Manga and to the fans and just to everything that had been done so the hair I guess was a challenge for me.”

Source: StarPulse


  Cast Interview
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Click here to read an interview of the whole cast of Dragon Ball Evolution. Soon I’ll post the link so you can download it.


  Dragon Ball Evolution sequel
by admin | on Apr 06 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution,News and Rumors

With volume after volume of the original manga and hundreds of episodes of multiple anime series, it’s no surprise that next week’s “Dragonball Evolution” only touches the tip of the iceberg in regards to the epic mythology of “Dragonball.” What is a surprise, however, is that a sequel has already been penned.

I know they’ve written a second one and it’s pretty far out there,” actor Justin Chatwin told MTV News. Chatwin plays Goku, the hero of the tale, who seeks to recover the powerful “Dragonballs” and protect the world from the evil Lord Piccolo, played by “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” alum James Marsters.

The second one really goes to some different places that I’ve never seen in any comic book adaptation,” said Chatwin.

Chatwin admits that he hasn’t read the sequel script firsthand, but that he’s been told a lot about it and that he and co-star Emmy Rossum (Bulma) would jump at the chance to return for more.

Likewise, Marsters is not only ready for a second chapter, but would like to see the franchise continue indefinitely. A die-hard fan of the anime, Marsters has every intention of fulfilling the arc of Piccolo in live-action.

We’re going to get to ‘Dragonball Z’ later,” said Marsters, “where Piccolo becomes youthful and he’s going to become the Piccolo that most people recognize.

Director James Wong was a tad more cautious and wants to reminds fans that, even though a sequel may have already been written (he would neither confirm nor deny the script’s existence), the litmus test is really going to come down to next weekend’s box office. Then again, if “Star Trek” is doing it, maybe the premature sequel is the next big thing.

Source: MTV


  New Layout!
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I just added a new layout to the website with stills from Dragon Ball. Today I’ll be finishing the links so you can browse the content.
I hope you love it as much as I do!


  Old co-admins
by admin | on Apr 06 2009 | Category: Website

Due to the hack alert, spam and the need to update scripts some users were deleted. I’ve answered to the emails of the co-webmasters.
If you were one, please email me so I can activate your old account.
Thank you so much.


  Dragon Ball Evolution is Top at Asian’s Box Office
by admin | on Mar 21 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution,News and Rumors

“Following heavy pre-release promotion in the region, it premiered at No. 1 in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore. The China opening tally, $3.4 million from 855 locales, was Fox’s fourth-highest weekend opening in the market.
Dragonball’s” No. 2 Japan bow produced $3.3 million from 540 screens.

Dragonball: Evolution is the number one film in Korea, though the actual numbers have yet to come in. DBMB will have the full box office report, including the full international box office totals for Dragonball: Evolution, when the numbers become avaiable.

“Dragonball: Evolution,” the Hollywood adaptation of the internationally loved comic, topped the South Korean box office during its opening weekend after its world premiere here March 12, according to 20th Century Fox Korea.

Real-time tallies of nationwide ticket reservations by the Korean Film Council showed Sunday that the action flick held an iron grip on the number one spot over “More Than Blue” ― despite the tendency of romantic films to dominate on White Day weekends.

China- $3,363,000
Hong-Kong – $489,000
Japon – $3,326,000
Malaysia – $731,000
Singapore – $389,000
Taiwan – $132,000
Thailand – $523,000 ”

Source: Comic Book Movie


  New UK TV Commercial
by admin | on Mar 21 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution,Media

This trailer was broadcast in UK :)


  New Dragon Ball TV Commercial
by admin | on Mar 21 2009 | Category: Dragon Ball Evolution,Media

Many TV commercials are on TV now. This one features only Goku (Justin’s Character)… (I can’t wait for it to premiere in Portugal)


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